At stal Bakker Frederiks

Internship at Stal Bakker & Frederiks

At Bakker and Frederiks Stables it is possible to do an internship, in 2016 we became a recognized internship training company for both MBO and HBO. We are recognized for the training courses: Veterinary assistant paraveterinarian, Instructor equestrian and animal husbandry, Employee animal care, Skilled employee equestrian and animal husbandry, Assistant plant, animal or (green) environment and Manager equestrian and animal husbandry. In addition, Equine Business Administration students are also very welcome. At the Bakker & Frederiks Stables there are 5 full-time employees and there is also the possibility of in-house accommodation. We have 3 furnished apartments with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

‘Training company ID 100186696’